Sunday, November 30, 2008

3 ~ First Advent Sunday

Today is First Advent, the fourth Sunday before Christmas. It started out as a magnificent blue sky day without a cloud in sight and a sun that warmed the patio and the cat who had found herself a sheltered corner behind a flower pot. The spider webs on the opuntia cactus stood out like strands of silver against the low November sun.

But shortly after, as is often the case at this time of the year, clouds began to form and the sky was soon covered. The warm air turned chilly and I could see that any thoughts of dining outdoors on the patio would have to be abandoned. Today I was preparing a special meal and early this evening we would be lighting the first of the Advent candles and having a cup of coffee with a slice of German Christstollen as is traditional in many homes. This photo was taken a few years ago, but it looked the same today.

Friday, November 28, 2008

2 ~ After the Rain

The garden has been grateful for the rains that have come to Tenerife after many months of dryness. Roses are particularly beautiful at this time of the year. With a little rainwater and cooler air they have happily developed buds and new leaves.

And one of our Agaves Attenuata, after some years has put forth its inflorescence, a sign that the life cycle of this plant is ending.

Here is a closeup of the agave flower.

(Click on Photos to enlarge.)

The Petrea Volubilis,
or Queen's Wreath is also blooming once again.

Petrea is a beautiful tropical
or tender perennial bush
which blooms here several times a year.

Here is how the petrea looks when in
full bloom. It is an amazing sight.

The Barkarole rose is a lovely deep red
hybrid tea which was hybridized in 1988 by Tantau in Germany.

1 ~ It's Nearly December

November is ending and what could be more appropriate to represent this time of the year than a poinsettia from my Tenerife garden. Growing tall and needing no special attention, they bloom faithfully from mid October until February, equally gracing roadsides and terraces, public parks and private gardens.

Christmas will soon be here and the streets in the town are being decorated with illuminated festive garlands. The Teide has had its first early mantle of snow which by now has all but disappeared with the recent rains. The days have turned chilly and it's time to light the evening fires.


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