Monday, September 7, 2009

59 ~ Dining in Tenerife

ensaladilla & croquetasEnsaladilla Rusa & Croquetas de Atun
(Russian salad & tuna croquettes)

(All photos will enlarge with a click.)

Eating out while living or holidaying in Tenerife is a pleasure, especially when one is familiar with the local cuisine, and knows what to look for.

Here are some well-known dishes which I've tasted and learned to love. Photos were taken in the restaurants where the food was served:

potage de verduras
gambas al ajillo
papas arrugadas The famous wrinkled salty potatoes are served with two mojo sauces:

Here a local fish is served with potatoes and green cilantro mojo
fish potatoes & mojo
Morcilla (Canary blood sausage with honey and almonds)
The well loved Canary mixed salad has everything in it:
ensalada mixtaEnsalada Mixta

Sopa de Pollo (chicken noodle soup) is a favourite here in most Canary restaurants, and usually comes with a green mint leaf floating in it.

sopa de pollo
Rabbit or goat is often stewed in Salmorejo sauce :
conejo en salmorejo Tuna or chicken croquettes served with garlic ali oli sauce and a red piquant mojo
croquetas & salsa
Another ensaladilla, made with potatoes, tuna, vegetables and mayonnaise:
3 scoops ensaladilla Chocos (squid)chocos Pimientos de Padrón, fried mini peppers from the north of Spain encrusted with sea salt

pimientas de padron

dorado Puchero Canario - a stew of several meats and chicken with vegetables. A meal in a dish.
puchero Gofio...the staple food of the Canary people made from toasted corn and grains and mixed with broth, milk or water.
gofio amasado
Chicken from the grill in garlic sauce

grilled garlic chicken The local wines are much appreciated, winning international prizes
chicken livers A serving of mixed salad
serving salad
sirloin & mushrooms Frangollo is a typical Canary dessert made from corn flour

frangollo Chocolate mousse, puddings and flans are seen in most Canary restaurants

chocolate pudding Here a flan with caramel swirls

And to finish off a meal, it's customary to have a cafe cortado leche leche. An espresso coffee with a bit of milk foamed on top and a dollop of sweetened condensed milk in the bottom of the cup! When it has a dash of Licor 43 or Tia Maria and cinnamon, along with a twist of lemon, it's called a barraquito.

cortado leche leche¡Buen Provecho!


Gattina said...

My mouth waters ! If I miss something from Tenerife then it is the papas and the mojo salza !

Canarybird said...

Yes Gattina...I also love those salty, wrinkled papas with mojo sauce! Those potatoes are also a special variety which can't be bought everywhere. Thanks for the visit!

Real Tenerife said...

I shouldn't have looked at this just before I was about to go an start preparing dinner.
Suddenly tabouleh seems very insubstantial. :)

Elise said...

You have a beautiful site here and I wanted to leave you a comment to say hello ! Thank you so much for sharing it all and best wishes

Canarybird said...

Thank you Andrea and Elise for stopping by to say hello. I was a little hungry too as I was posting these photos since I'm currently dieting and my light meals don't compare to papas & mojo or bread with ali oli and a glass of vino!

nimenos said...

Echo de menos comerme una vieja sancochada en la Punta del Hidalgo... nada sabe mejor... y la morcilla canaria, estupenda....



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