Monday, July 6, 2009

52 ~ Window Shopping

cake Bakery window (Click photos to enlarge)

There are many German bakeries in the area where we live in Tenerife, and their cakes are very popular with tourists and locals. A bakery in our neighbourhood has added a few chairs and tables outside and now serves coffee and cake to those who can't resist their four o'clock cafe und kuchen, the four o'clock afternoon coffee and cake, a very German custom.

poppyseed cake Poppy seed cakes

The German breads are very good; many of them made from sourdough, rye and spelt, and topped with oats, sunflower seeds, and other grains.

buns Whole grain rolls

jewellery A jewellery window

Now we come to the ladies' wear. It can be difficult to pass by shop windows displaying attractive outfits without stopping to wonder about the price...and the size.

white outfit Summer whites

orange outfit Summer colours

window For dressing up

And who could resist such a charming straw hat, adorned with roses and pearls for wearing to a special summer tea out on a cool lawn.

straw hat

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