Thursday, October 8, 2009

65 ~ Mich's West Coast Journal

Back yard
Come with me on a magic carpet journey while we travel at lightening speed away from the Canary Islands and Spain for a quick visit to the west coast of Canada and the island where I was born...Vancouver Island.

woods 1
Vancouver Island Rainforest

Michelle has a lovely blog about her bucolic life there on the Saanich Peninsula, where she lives with deer in her garden, raccoons on her porch, stellar jays and bald eagles nesting in her trees: Mich's West Coast Journal.

mich & Richard in woods
Michelle & Richard walking in woods near their home

She's just come back from a day trip to neighbouring Salt Spring Island, a short ferry hop away, which is an even more laid back island where organic agriculture, artists and craftspeople are highlighted in their weekly Saturday markets held in the town of Ganges. But on October 4th there was a special event, the annual Apple Festival where 350 varieties of island grown organic apples including heritage apples were on display.

Michelle has taken some lovely photos of the island and the apple festival, posting them to a slideshow on her blog. She's still becoming accustomed to her new camera, and doesn't do any post editing on her photos, so I think she has done very well in her portrayal of the spirit of the island and the Apple Festival!

North Saanich woods
North Saanich woods on Vancouver Island

Hasta la vista!


Jo said...

Omigoodness...! Beautiful...!

Do you ever get homesick for the Island? I certainly do. My brother still lives in Victoria, but other than that, there is no one in my family left over there now.

I love the new picture on your masthead. Gorgeous!

Canarybird said...

Thank you sister also lives in Victoria and yes I do often miss the Island and my family there. It's so beautiful...despite the rain! I have changed the blog over to a wider template which I think is better for showing larger photos without having to ask folks to click to enlarge. Thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...
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Ishrath said...

Those are almost like postcards! Perfect, serene, peaceful and soul-warming. Thanks for sharing your wonderful world this way. There is nothing more holier than nature when it comes to its healing power!


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