Saturday, November 28, 2009

73 ~ The German Bakery

zimtsterne Cinnamon Stars (Zimtsterne)

A favourite treat in our house, Cinnamon Stars appear in the German bakeries around Christmas time. I have never tried to make them myself but here is a recipe from the web, if you would like to look it over. I think there are many ways to make them and I imagine that German cooks will use the recipe they know best, perhaps one passed down in their family.

But I was out this morning and after visiting the German deli, I stopped at the German bakery. I know this is Spain.....but there are many retired people from Germany living here and many more who come to this area for winter holidays, thus one finds shops specializing in imported or locally made German foods.
I bought a piece of Poppyseed cake (Mohnkuchen) for my husband.

poppyseed cakePoppyseed cake (Mohnkuchen)

Lucky man. I'm not eating sweets at present and trying to lose some kilos which I've put on after enjoying those Canary salted potatoes, crusty bread with ali oli and my own homemade pesto on pasta. So now I'm paying the price and buying these treats only one at a time.

A piece of apple pie caught my eye and so I bought that for him as well. It has a thickly glazed topping sprinkled with toasted almond slivers. He'll be happy to see what I've brought home today!

apple pie German Apple Pie

The bakery is really a small place with only a window to serve the public, since the ovens are located elsewhere on the island.

bakery window
It seems to be always busy, also serving coffee, cakes and ice creams outside on the patio. Many people come in the morning to buy their baguette, rye bread rolls, pastries and cakes. Their bread is very tasty, is mostly brown, dinkle, rye and whole grain and smells wonderful.

bread rolls
Well now I think I've talked enough about food today, and I've made myself thoroughly hungry! I hope you are able to nibble on sweets like this with no guilt about calories. And if you are American and still finishing your Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie, I send best wishes for a continued Happy Thanksgiving holiday with your families!
¡Hasta La Vista!


Gill Bailey said...

Sure looks yummy! I recall many lovely cake shops that we stopped at on our way to the bank or post office while working there, brings back those memories..........

nimenos said...

I do love german bakery... the cinnamon, the ginger, carrots, etc... makes its sweets so special to me, but my all times favorite is the cheese cake from Melita.... How I miss it!!!!

Marysol said...

Sharon, I don't know where you get the motivation to keep from pouncing on all those treats, from the cakes to those beautiful breads.
I can assure you, that apple pie and poppyseed cake would've caught more than my eye [G].

I hope you and Wolf had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Marysol said...

I forgot to mention, I love your new header!

Canarybird said...

Gilly you surely will also remember those wonderful sugar crusted magdalenas we bought in Palma, at the little bakery down the street from our apartment. As big as your fist and tasting of lemon and sugar

Nimenos I'm another cheesecake fan and now the German bakeries are also selling them here.

Sol...thank you for your Thanksgiving wishes. We always enjoy holidays by dining out, even when we don't have that same holiday here.:-)

I didn't change the's still the same one but I did change the blog to a wider format so I can post larger pics.
Thanks for dropping by! Un abrazo.


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