Tuesday, February 24, 2009

24 ~ The Birds and The Bees

male blackbird Male Blackbird .....(click photos to enlarge)

It's that time of the year again...spring is nearly here although they say the Canary Islands are the islands of eternal springtime. This winter we have had a lot of rain and some lower temperatures for a change. But the garden is blooming, the bees are out and the blackbirds are nesting. Today I discovered their nest which is close to my study room window and not too well hidden, so I will have a good chance of seeing the developments therein. Mother blackbird is sitting on the nest and seems not too worried when I tiptoe up and take her photo.

nest Female on Nest

Earlier on she perches in the sun on a branch of bougainvillae:

female on bougainvillaePerhaps she's contemplating a fly for lunch, as a change from the dry cat food she's been eating from the cat's dish on the patio.

flyThe peach blossoms are out and attracting bees.

peach blossomsA blue tit sits near my window observing a plate of crushed crackers I put out for the smaller birds.

blue tit The clerodendrum in the back garden is full of blossoms, some still about to open, like this one.

clerodendrum White stock is flowering on the patio.

white stock The bees have found the clerodendrum:

bee 1 There is no shortage of bees it seems:

bee 2 As long as the sun shines they will be buzzing around this shrub:

bee 3 The Iceberg rose blooms faithfully year round:

iceberg This aloe flowers every year in February:

aloe Father-to-be blackbird watches from the shadows to make sure I've finally gone away with my camera.

male blackbird

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