Wednesday, January 28, 2009

18 ~ Today's Garden Jan 28 '09

iceberg rose (click photos to enlarge)

Nearing the end of January and we still have some roses in bloom, since I haven't yet pruned them all. One of my favourite floribundas is the lovely little bush 'Iceberg'. It blooms all year here and doesn't need much care, other than a little food and water now and then.

A sign that Easter is not too far away, is the Cala lily which has started to bloom and remind me that spring is also near.

cala lily I noticed the first nasturtium open in the garden this morning. It will be followed by many that will cover spare ground and tumble over low walls without need of encouraging fertilizer.

nasturtium Italian parsley renews itself after seeds in pots have fallen and come to life.

Italian parsley The Agave Attenuata has finally bent over enough to touch the ground. Only a few flowers remain unopened at the tip.

agave attenuata
Here is a closeup of the top of the inflorescence as it brushes the lawn.

agave touches Our neighbour's cat basks in the morning sun, behind the Aloe Vera.
 cat Our grapefruit has confused its normal fruiting season due to an April heat wave last year which killed off the early buds. It's now trying to come back at a time when the grapefruits should be golden and ripe. One has an odd almost double shape.

grapefruit A blackbird...mirlo in Spanish...sits in our Jerusalem thorn tree. The garden is full of them at the moment flying to and fro with little beakfuls of straw and dead leaves as they build their nests.

blackbird The osteospermum are already blooming around the garden. They become so rampant that we have to cut them back continually.

A monarch butterfly alights on a clerodendrum thomsoniae.

clerodendrum The first iris was out today.

iris Yesterday, our garden helper, Antonio, cut down the branches of green dates from our palm tree, Phoenix Canarensis, before the inedible little dates could ripen and fall to the ground, where they have an affinity for the bottoms of any shoes that may walk under the tree!

Antonio & dates
The last two photos of this post were taken with the Olympus SP-560UZ camera. All the rest were taken with a Canon EOS 30D DSLR using the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens.

NEXT: Punta Brava beach, Tenerife North.

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