Sunday, February 21, 2010

88 ~ Spring Weather

patio rainWind, sun, rain and all at the same time. Our Tenerife weather feels like spring. Some mornings are chilly enough to see the steam rising on my tea.

tea steamBibi watches the birds through the open window.

Bibi 1
dove on chair They are waiting for their food and when there is none they take it from the cat's dish outside. Or come close to my window and look inside, waiting for me to fill the food tray.

dove 2
dove 3 An interesting sight for a cat, and so close.

bibi looks
Later when the rain has stopped I can go out into the garden.

canna Canna

brunsfelsia Brunsfelsia

stag's horn Stag's Horn

Bibi follows me and gives a morning kiss to her friend Tigger, who lives in our garden.

bibi & tigger
We're so lucky to have such mild temperatures and next week they will be between 23 to 26°C (mid 70s F). Makes one feel sorry for those up in Europe where there is still heavy snow and temperatures below zero.

But I'm so pleased to see that my former city of residence, Vancouver, Canada is having such wonderful sunny weather for the Olympic games. The usual Vancouver rain has stopped for these exciting events allowing the world to see just what a beautiful city it is. I'm enjoying watching the games on Eurosport TV.

There is a good link here on for watching them on your computer if you live in Europe, and you can catch up with podcasts on everything from the opening ceremony onward, with many of them in HD and full screen.

Wishing you a good coming week and ¡Hasta la vista!



Ashleigh said...

Lookslike Spring as sprung in the Canaries...wish it would in Madrid as well...Hope egetgood weather wen we come to Fuertentura in March...

Real Tenerife said...

I was hypnotised by the weather here the other day, like you said, it had everything.

At one point the sky went from moody with a black threatening sea of clouds to blues skies with a few white fluffy bits of cotton wool in the space of about five minutes. Never fails to amaze me.

Great photos as always, Sharon.

nimenos said...

Precioso... Bibi looks so serius watching those birds... so fanny

debsgarden said...

I am sure Bibi was wondering what those birds were doing in her feeding dish! The flowers in your garden are so beautiful. You are truly blessed to live in such a gorgeous place.

Marysol said...

Sharon, I find it effortless to put myself in everyone of your delightful pictures.

Your photos have so much life in them, that I can almost feel the sun, smell the rain, and the gorgeous blooms.

Am I dreaming? Somebody pinch me.

Canarybird said...

Ashleigh...I hope you have good weather and even if it rains, the air is warm and the sun always returns. Fuerteventura is a beautiful island with awesome white, clean beaches. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time!

Andrea ...yes the weather is still changeable here isn't it. I just rescued my washing from another shower.

Nimenos....Bibi is lovely but I wish she didn't bring those poor lagartos into the house!

debsgarden...beautiful here but the recent winds have broken off many new shoots in the garden. However things grow back quickly here.

Marysol...Thank you. But there is always much beauty in your blog photos. You are an expert photographer and always catch the small details!


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