Saturday, November 28, 2009

73 ~ The German Bakery

zimtsterne Cinnamon Stars (Zimtsterne)

A favourite treat in our house, Cinnamon Stars appear in the German bakeries around Christmas time. I have never tried to make them myself but here is a recipe from the web, if you would like to look it over. I think there are many ways to make them and I imagine that German cooks will use the recipe they know best, perhaps one passed down in their family.

But I was out this morning and after visiting the German deli, I stopped at the German bakery. I know this is Spain.....but there are many retired people from Germany living here and many more who come to this area for winter holidays, thus one finds shops specializing in imported or locally made German foods.
I bought a piece of Poppyseed cake (Mohnkuchen) for my husband.

poppyseed cakePoppyseed cake (Mohnkuchen)

Lucky man. I'm not eating sweets at present and trying to lose some kilos which I've put on after enjoying those Canary salted potatoes, crusty bread with ali oli and my own homemade pesto on pasta. So now I'm paying the price and buying these treats only one at a time.

A piece of apple pie caught my eye and so I bought that for him as well. It has a thickly glazed topping sprinkled with toasted almond slivers. He'll be happy to see what I've brought home today!

apple pie German Apple Pie

The bakery is really a small place with only a window to serve the public, since the ovens are located elsewhere on the island.

bakery window
It seems to be always busy, also serving coffee, cakes and ice creams outside on the patio. Many people come in the morning to buy their baguette, rye bread rolls, pastries and cakes. Their bread is very tasty, is mostly brown, dinkle, rye and whole grain and smells wonderful.

bread rolls
Well now I think I've talked enough about food today, and I've made myself thoroughly hungry! I hope you are able to nibble on sweets like this with no guilt about calories. And if you are American and still finishing your Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie, I send best wishes for a continued Happy Thanksgiving holiday with your families!
¡Hasta La Vista!

72 ~ German Delicatessen


Out walking this morning I stopped in Gourmeteria Botanico, a German delicatessen in the La Paz district of our town and bought a few pieces of wurst and salad for my husband.

shop interior window
I don't advertise on my blog but do like to take photos and mention the shops where I find good products and friendly service here in the north of Tenerife. In this case, Daniella served me while her husband sat outside reading the daily football (soccer) newspaper. He is sitting at one of the tables in their outdoor snack area where coffee and tapas from the deli are served. They are both fluent in speaking German and Spanish.

deli owner reading
It's the same paper as my husband also reads every day. Soccer in Spain is so popular that there are two daily national newspapers devoted to just that sport.

But here are photos I took of the fresh sausages while Daniella prepared my package.

wurst 1 center
deli wurst left
deli wurst right
And now it's time for buying the Christmas stollen and these look like they have marzipan centers. I love marzipan, especially when it's inside a piece of stollen!

stollen A pretty Christmas centerpiece is on the counter.

xmas bouquet
Here you can also order and reserve ahead to be sure your favourite deli meats and salads aren't sold out in what is now the busy high season for tourists visiting the island. Gourmeteria Botanico can be found in the Canary Center shopping complex near the Hotel Botanico in Puerto de la Cruz, next to the shoe repair shop and the Benetton childrens' outlet store. It's a nice place to stop for a coffee under the enormous frangipani tree there.
And when I came out, I headed for the bakery nearby! So follow me there!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

71 ~ Frangipani and Poinsettias

plumeria alba (frangipani)
Frangipani (Plumeria Alba)

poinsettiaPoinsettia (Euphorbia Pulcherrima)

It's the time of the year when poinsettias are blooming here in the Canary Islands. You will find them planted along roads and in public as well as private gardens, heralding the approaching Christmas season. They are quite spectacular to see when in long rows bordering a street. Here poinsettias are growing together with bougainvillae and flame vine (Pyrostegia ignea) along a country road. Daylilies are in the foreground.

flowers along road

Also in bloom are the exotic creamy blossoms of frangipani. The white flowers are of the variety Plumeria Alba and the pink ones, less prevalent, are Plumeria Rubra.

frangipaniFrangipani (Plumeria Alba)

My friend Anne and I went out for a drive a couple of days ago and stopped at a little public garden in an urbanization near La Orotava. These photos of flowers, shrubs and trees were all taken there.

View Larger Map

Anne in garden Anne in the garden

We were quite impressed with the beauty of the Cassia tree (Cassia Spectabilis) which stood framed against a blue sky and in a carpet of its own yellow petals.

cassia spectabilis Cassia Spectabilis

And near finished blooming were several bushes of tibouchina with their velvety leaves and purple flowers:

tibouchina heteromalla Tibouchina Heteromalla

Another eye catching bush was this Acalypha Musaica with its giant multi coloured leaves:

acalypha musaica Acalypha Musaica

acalypha & Anne
And here's a majestic Schefflera, native to tropical rainforests.

Schefflera actinophyllaSchefflera Actinophylla

We recently cut the top from one of these trees in our garden as it was growing too tall. Amazingly we never did plant this tree. It came from a seed dropped by a bird or the wind. But we do love it as many birds come for its shade in summer, when we will again have new leaves and branches.

Here's a slideshow of our day which started off with a little drive down the coast to Las Aguas, near San Juan de la Rambla where we watched the waves and went inside a little restaurant where we had been before "El Sotano" and had a look at their fish, which included a small barracuda.
Here's a Google street view of Las Aguas. Scroll to the left to see the restaurant.
Full screen option in top right corner of picture.

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However as it was too early for lunch, we drove to another village where we had chicken breast and chips in a little cafe bar. I hope you've enjoyed today's outing! So until the next time...¡Hasta la Vista!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

70 ~ Mallorcan Straw Baskets

Mallorcan straw baskets
I'm so pleased that I found this little market stall last Sunday where Beatriz, who is from Andraitx in Mallorca, was selling Mallorcan straw baskets. I used to live in Mallorca and I carried one of these baskets everywhere.

straw basketsCalled cesto de esparto in Spanish it was one of the first items I bought when I arrived in Spain so many years ago.

It was then the custom to have this carryall filled with life support items such as the local English newspaper (The Mallorca Daily Bulletin) , a bocadillo de queso (a cheese sandwich) in case you were hungry, your bathing suit, towel, a bottle of Trinaranjus (a non-carbonated orange drink), sunglasses and whatever else you felt you needed to survive an afternoon on the beach, a day of shopping or driving around the island.

sharon 1968 In another lifetime, in Mallorca with my basket.

The only inconvenience was that the rope handles were scratchy and left red marks on sunburned shoulders when one wore a sleeveless blouse.

But the new models now have soft leather straps as well as short grip handles so you can fill your basket at the market if you wish without ending up with sore shoulders. Other models were lined with plastic.

straw baskets

straw baskets
How they looked way back then, full of fruit and vegetables from Palma market. (photo below)

basket full of food
Next year plastic bags will no longer be given out in supermarkets and I think it's a good and long overdue measure, given the statistics on the fish and marine animals who are being killed by tons of plastic floating in our oceans.

So now is a good time to find your alternatives. I know from experience how useful these big straw baskets can be. I chose the one on the right in the photo below, with both the long and short handles which Beatriz models in the first photo above.

straw baskets
So if you are in Tenerife and visit the El Medano market on a Saturday or are in Puerto de la Cruz on a Sunday, look for Beatriz in the flea market at the Spar parking lot in La Paz, and say 'Bon Dia' (Catalan/Mallorquin for Buenos Dias) to her from the lady who used to live in Mallorca. And have a good look at these baskets which never seem to wear out.

straw baskets
Link to my post about these baskets on my other blog about Mallorca.

So that's all for today. Thanks for the visit and ¡Hasta la Vista!


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