Sunday, May 10, 2009

41 ~ This Morning's Garden

pink rosebud (click to enlarge photos)

I couldn't resist running back into the house for my camera while strolling through the garden this beautiful Sunday morning to see what had changed, if anything, since last evening. It's so good to see the sun after our rain and cloudy days. Everything growing is responding with such vigour that we have to cut back masses of bougainvillae and hedges just to be able to pass by. But this is the month when flowers are at their best and I have one particular rose which is putting on an outstanding performance. Anabell, a cluster-flowered floribunda has put out thirteen blooms on a single stalk.

anabellHere you can see from the side, that enormous cluster rising from one cane.

anabell stalk I think that might be a record for my garden. I've had this one for over ten years and it seems to be perfectly suited to our warm climate. It's a rose created in 1972 by the German breeder Kordes and the catalogue name, if anyone wishes to know is KORbell.

So I will show you the rest of what I saw this morning. The dark mauve blooms are Brunsfelsia, a lovely little bush that puts forth masses of my favourite coloured flowers.


brunsfelsiaThe white rose is Iceberg, a faithful and popular floribunda which creates masses of white blooms on a medium rounded bush which also does well in this warm climate.


icebergThe pink rose and bud were a gift to my garden and came without a name. I have that bush in a flowerpot where it does well in full sun.

pink roseThe cala lilies spread so easily, we now have a whole bed of them. They started as one plant that was given to us by a neighbour.

calas A moth alights on a white osteospermum.

moth on osteoAnd learning to keep watch over the dish of dry cat food, is one of our baby blackbirds. He makes sure the cat doesn't climb the tree to steal breakfast!

baby bird(I'm buying more dry cat food for the blackbirds than I am for the cats!)


Real Tenerife said...

Those are beautiful shots. I particularly like the composition of the moth on the osteospermum.

Canarybird said...

Thank you! Aren't we glad to finally have some warm weather here in Tenerife. Seems it's suddenly summer doesn't it. :-)

Lorna said...

Those flowers, those colors, are so beautiful........ so lush, so bright, so tropical, so so so! Remind me so much of Hawaii.

Ok, I love the picture of that bird and I am wondering what your roses smell like and how you get them all watered. With a drip system? Not a watering can! Right? No? Yes?

Canarybird said...

Hi Lorna....the rose with the best scent is has a very strong perfume and beautiful colours gold, pink and red...I'll post a photo as soon as they open as we pruned late this year and they are just starting to bud. Watering done walking around with a hose and in summer with low spray sprinklers. Never got around to installing the drip system...mañana mañana LOL.

Jo said...

Ohhhhhh.....! How absolutely wonnnnnnderful. I love the Brunsfelsia. I have never seen one before. What an absolutely exquisite color.


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