Monday, October 5, 2009

64 ~ World Cheese Awards

A Canadian goat’s milk cheese is crowned 2009 World Champion in Las Palmas at the world’s largest cheese competition. Canadian goat’s milk cheese, Le Cendrillon, saw off nearly 2,500 other competitors to take the title of World Champion Cheese 2009– the second year in a row that a goats’ milk cheese has taken the top spot.

The annual competition, run by the UK’s Guild of Fine Food, was staged this year in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria on October 1. It was only the second time the awards have been held outside Britain in their 21-year history and it attracted cheeses from 34 different countries.

Last year a Tenerife goat cheese won the award and I have since bought it in our local supermarkets and do appreciate the flavour. The video here starts off with a brief view of last year's winner, which was coated on the outside with pimento and gofio (a local toasted cereal) which gave it a brown appearance.

If you have 20 minutes to spare, here is a very good video of the cheese fair held two days ago on the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria, in the city of Las Palmas, showing the cheeses and how they are judged, as well as the presentation to the Quebec winner.

Here is the video link. It's in English and you can watch it HQ and full screen. It will make you want to run and get a piece of cheese to nibble on while you watch!

Here is a page link to an article from the Guild of Fine Food written about this year's contest.


nimenos said...

I think I have never tried a Canadian cheese... maybe mature Cheddar, not sure....

Anyway, I love cheese, it is my favorite food.

Canarybird said...

Hi nimenos...Oh yes I love Cheddar too and it was the one we ate most when I lived in Canada. Now my favourite Canary Island cheese is the Maxorata goat cheese from Fuerteventura. It's really the best of the local fresh cheeses, and I think I'll even post some photos about it.

Anonymous said...

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