Thursday, June 25, 2009

50 ~ Sleeping Cats

Tigger 1 Tigger Sleeps (Click to enlarge)

Is there any creature that knows better how to relax when sleeping than a cat? I have had several of them and since owning a digital camera, I've been able to observe and catch them in their funniest poses.

Tigger 2Most of our dearest cats are sadly now gone. They had a good life here though and lived for many years in our little paradise. Tigger however, is alive and well. He came to visit us as a feral from the street, liked what he food, soft bed, plenty of attention and many bushes under which he could sprawl on a hot day.

Yes he realized he was on to a good thing at our free bed and breakfast! So he was duly taken for a visit to the vet, where he had some minor surgery and was returned home to our back garden. There he met Bunny, a long time resident who showed him how sunbathing on the garage roof could be good for people watching...that is, if you could keep your eyes open.

Bunny 1Bunny was inclined to be a little immodest at times, but since she was named Bunny for her long silky rabbit-like fur, she probably felt the need to let the breezes pass over where she felt the warmest.

Bunny 3And facing the sun while lying on hot volcanic stones was also quite pleasant on a cool winter day.

Bunny 2Still, Tigger really prefers a king-size bed such as a broad, warm sidewalk.

Tigger 3Isn't life great!

 Tigger 4Blackie escapes to the rooftop and doesn't really worry about the nearby cactus thorns.

 BlackieAnd dear Fluffy was the best office assistant. He kept the scanner and telephone warmed up at all times.



Dirt Princess said...

They are precious

Bibliophile said...

Your cats are lovely.
If there is any creature that knows better how to relax than a cat does, I still haven't come across it.

wim said...

Makes me think of "The good life" song by tony Bennett.

wim said...

Interesting photos of the Flea Market.

Jo said...

Oh, Sharon, those are wonderful...!

I watched a big orange cat rolling around in the sunshine today, and I could swear he was smiling -- just like these cats. :-)


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