Wednesday, February 4, 2009

20 ~ Walking at Dusk

Teide at dusk 1 (click to enlarge photos)

Yesterday I took a walk around 6 pm just before darkness was beginning to fall and upon seeing the tip of the Teide volcano enveloped in a creamy cloud cover I took the above photo.
Just six minutes later and seen from another viewpoint, the clouds had taken on a completely different appearance, looking as below:
Teide at dusk 2 Around the same time, from a lookout high above the Martianez Beach, one could see the waves still buffeted by strong winds pounding down onto the black sand.
Martianez Beach The artificial lake in the sunbathing area known as The Lido is visible in this closeup, as are the large waves behind on the open sea. The buildings in the centre house a nightclub and entertainment centre.
A change of scenery... to the little tree outside my computer room window where a family of blackbirds comes to visit every day. They look in the window at me and I sit and watch them from my vantage point. They eye the patio and then swoop down to eat the cat's dry food pellets, sometimes becoming bolder and entering an open doorway to check out if there's any more in the kitchen!

I decided that I might as well take advantage and set up a camera with a good zoom so I could catch them in the tree, and what better way to entice them to come near my window than putting out a dish of dry cat food! So today here is the first result. I will have to get some wild birdseed for the smaller birds who can't manage the large pellets as they have also been coming to see what is on the dinner plate!


Real Tenerife said...

Your photographs of Teide are absolutely magical.

Canarybird said...

Thank you for your kind comment!


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