Thursday, March 25, 2010

96 ~ Photo of the Day

Bibi sleepsBibi in her own bed again

Our little Siamese Bibi was feeling poorly and had to go to the veterinary clinic for four days. She had a virus and fever and wasn't eating. Now back home, with fever gone and after a good breakfast she sleeps with her teddy in a ray of morning sunshine.


nimenos said...

is she ok??? poor thing... last year Rodolfo had to be in the hospital for one week, and then about a month with medical assistance and private nurse (me).

Canarybird said...

Hola! Pobre Rodolfo. Bibi esta muy flaca todavia. She has had a problem keeping her food down. She would eat and then vomit and when she started with a fever I had the vet take her to the clinic. He say's she okay now but will make blood tests in one week. I think Siamese cats are sometimes quite delicate healthwise. He said she had a virus and was on antibiotics for 4 days and now is on vitamins. (Worried mom here lol.)

Ashleigh said...

Welcome home, Bibi!

debsgarden said...

I'm glad your kitty is better! The photo is so cute; I want to hug them both.


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