Wednesday, December 9, 2009

74 ~ Let's Go Walking

view over oceanView over Northwest Coast

Come and join me for my daily walk. Something new I know....I'm always saying I must get out every day for a brisk hour long walk. It used to be a daily custom which needed reviving. No running, no jogging, just walking at a quick pace and stopping once in a while to take a photo. After a few days of doing this one can accumulate quite a few photos. So let's go out and enjoy the Tenerife sunshine now, especially since it may rain this coming weekend.

view over PuertoPuerto de la Cruz

Let's walk along the seawall overlooking the town. Below is the Martianez Beach and The Lido.

couple looking down
If we keep walking we'll come to some open ground.

looking over sea

agave americanaAgave Americana

Lagartos are sunning themselves on hot rock walls.


dragoDrago (Dracaena Draco)

euphorbia cactus Euphorbia Cactus

apartments Back to a shopping centre to buy bread.
But I have to stop and take a photo of that amazing hat!

manniquib with hat Roses and agave are growing here.

agave attenuataAgave Attenuata

roseLook at that cherry streusel cake!
And those Berliners (jelly doughnuts)!

cherry streusel cake
Well I'm keeping to my diet, but will take some home for my cake-loving man!

in bakery

hotel pool
Another beautiful day here in Tenerife.
The winter vacationers must be happy sunning by their hotel pools.

Thanks for your visit and hope to see you again soon...

¡Hasta la vista!..... Canarybird


Gill Bailey said...

Yup very lovely and sunny, I have only been out once in a week because of the bad roads!

RedCafe said...

Nice photos, really nice...

easygardener said...

I keep meaning to visit the Canary Islands (well one of them). The problem is deciding which island as they seem to be quite different. It must be lovely to have such good weather for most of the year.

Jo said...

Oh, Sharon, I feel as if I have gone on a little mini-vaction when I come to visit you here. What a wonderful place to walk. Do you swim too? I would certainly be swimming if I lived there. Walking and swimming are two of the best exercises, aren't they?

Some of my fondest memories are swimming at Sproat Lake or Qualicum Beach on hot summer afternoons.

You are so fortunate to live in such an exquisitely beautiful place...!

Jo said...

I mean vacation. Typo. :-)


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