Wednesday, October 14, 2009

66 ~ Street Walking

African Tulip 1 African Tulip Tree (Spathodea Campanulata)

I'm taking you for a little walk around part of Puerto de la Cruz in North Tenerife and if you don't mind I have to stop and take photos of the African Tulip trees which are blooming in rows along some streets. Here's a closeup of one flower cluster:

African Tulip closeup The tulip tree is native to tropical Africa and blooms profusely in the sub-tropical climate of the Canary Islands.

Another African tree which grows well here is the Flamboyant, (Delonix Regia) native to Madagascar and also known as Royal Poinciana. Its beautiful red flowers bloom here usually in June. This one has such an unusual whimsical curved trunk. The flamboyant trees are popular for planting along avenues to provide shade with their wide spreading branches.

flamboyant Here's a row of street dummies, offering their Indian cotton garments to passing tourists:

street dummies Shall we look at shop windows? I rather like that top necklace with the turquoise beads.

window 1 I think any of these would complement the appropriate matching outfit:

window 2 Would these costume jewellery items be considered retro? I know rhinestone brooches were worn in bygone years.
I don't wear one now.

 window 3 That's a pretty vest. It's typical of what is worn here in winter by the female 'swallows' who come down from Europe for a few weeks to escape the cold. That is when they aren't by a pool or on the beach.

gold vest What about some 18 carat gold and opal jewellery. Opal is one of my favourite stones. Many shops here are designed to appeal to the German tourists, so shop signs and menus will always include the German language along with English and Spanish. Russian tourism is also gaining in popularity but more in the south of the island.

jewellery Would you like to look in the art gallery or an exclusive boutique?

gallery If you're hungry for a tapa we could stop here at the German deli where they're now serving snacks of wurst sausages, and German salads:

deli Or how about this other place a few steps away where we can sniff the roses and watch the passers by while we have a nice strong espresso:


cafe cortado Mmm a nice strong cafe cortado. Just right after our little walk. Next time we'll have to go a bit farther and see more.
Thanks for your company! Hasta la Vista.


a shewring said...

I love your 'street walking' blog-can I come and walk
with you to see the amazing tulip tree in bloom I've
never seen anything like it! The jewelry and the Indian
cotton clothes, I love it all!!! Mmmm that coffee - cafe
cortado, never had it, but it looks sooo delicious.
Thank you it brings back very happy memories of our
time in Tenerife! You are VERY talented, Sharon.
Love Aki

Canarybird said...

Hi Aki....what a pleasant surprise! And how I would love to see you here in person to come for a walk with me. We could have such a wonderful time exploring the island. Hugs, S.xx

Gill Bailey said...

Hi mom

Enjoyed the basket and Icod restaurant and fish pics, almost made me want to try fish, though the salads, alioli and bread was more me. BTW There was no click link to leave a comment there I had to search for this one.

Love Gilly


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