Saturday, February 7, 2009

21 ~ A Tapas Night Out

friends at tableMy friends at the table.

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Leaving landscapes and flowers for a moment, here's a night out with some of the local food!

I had a wonderful evening recently, invited to supper in one of the best tapas bars on the island. My husband didn't want to go so I was with four friends on the night of the heaviest rainfall seen here in months. But we were cosy in this beautiful place, where I've been only once before. The inside could be a painting, and no matter in which corner you look, it's pleasing to the eye. One of the advantages of living in Spain is being able to eat real Spanish tapas!

bodeguitaPhotos 1 to 4....the setting and my four friends at our table. I love the overhead lamps made from wine bottles!

La BodeguitaThe wine comes, served rustic style in little water glasses and it tastes just fine that way.

Pimientos de Padrón....those little sweet peppers from the north of Spain, lightly sautéed and coated in chunky sea salt, served hot. You pick them up by the 'tail' and pop them in your mouth one at a time. Sometimes you get a fiery it's like a Russian roulette. You can tell who gets one by the way they reach for a glass of water.

pimientos de padron Gambas al Ajillo - Sizzling garlic can see the speed at which they were, very garlicky and red peppery and seeped in oil which we soon mopped up with our crusty bread.

gambas al ajilloCalamare (battered squid rings) ....they are tiny, crispy and hot. Even I ate some, which I don't normally do!

calamare Huevos al estampido - They are famous for this one... egg scrambled with bacon bits and potato, topped with paprika.

huevos al estampido Puntos de Solomillo...these are delicious bits of hot diced tenderloin steak covered in crispy chips just out of the fryer. They also disappeared quickly.

puntos de solomillo The final touch which I caught too late. Three slabs of fresh goat cheese, each one with a different topping. One with green mojo sauce, and two with different types of local honey. By the time I remembered the camera, they had been sliced up and were nearly gone.

queso The last photo was taken through a window of the bodega or storage room. Nice tomatoes and good wine were in there!



Jo said...

Omigosh! You live the most beautiful life of anyone I know!

I love coming over to look at the photos here, and reading about your life. I can feel the warm sunshine going right through to my bones.

*siiggghhhh* :-)

♥ maaria said...

*siggggghhh* over here too.
Please would you let us know where this piece of heaven is?!

Canarybird said...

maaria ...this is a great little tapas restaurant. I take any friends and family who come to visit up to this place. It's in Cuesta de La Villa, just up the hill from Puerto de la Cruz. A short taxi ride up the hill in direction Santa Ursula and called "La Bodeguita de Enfrente". Here's a link to their website: It's definitely not to miss! Try their huevos estampidos......a scramble of egg, chips and chorizo; also try pimientos de padron; puntos de solomillo, and the local's all delicious!


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