Sunday, June 7, 2009

47 ~ My June Roses

heinzHeinzelmännchen (Kordes Germany 1984)

(click to enlarge)

The roses in my Tenerife garden are blooming as I've never seen before. Perhaps it's due to the cool winter we had with much rain. Or perhaps it's because we pruned them later this year...near end of March instead of mid-February. Whatever the reason, they are showing their best display ever and it's such a pleasure to wander through the garden. Here are some photos I took this morning.

Margaret Merril 2 Margaret Merril (Harkness UK 1978)

What a wonderful perfume Margaret Merril has!
I love the rust coloured stamens and the slight pink blush on the petals.

mm 1 Here she is again

heinz 1

Sonia 1 Sonia (Meilland France 1974)

Sonia, a French rose, has turned into a large bush, covered in blooms.

sonia 2

hein 3
Iceberg is a beautiful floribunda rose. It is rain resistant, growing into a well formed bush with dainty, long-lasting white flowers, often with a slight pink blush. It's an outstanding, popular rose. Bred in Germany, Iceberg is called Schneewittchen there.

iceberg 3Iceberg (Kordes Germany 1958)

Granada, a beautiful American rose, is heavily perfumed and is a stunning sight when the bush is in full bloom

granada Granada (Lindquist USA 1963)

Merril close Closeup of Margaret Merril

heinz Heinzelmännchen

iceberg 1 Iceberg


heinzel Heinzelmännchen

I hope you enjoyed a quick visit to my garden and will come another time to see what else grows there!


Lorna said...

They are beautiful and you are so lucky! Ok...... I love them all, but my favorite is that pinky rosy SONIA. And I do see the faint blush in the Margaret Merrill. So tender.


tenerife holidays said...

the icebergs look especially beautiful

Estherk said...

I tried planting roses once - but in the tropics, its a lot of hard work and a lot of pesticides. I don't know if its the same there. But they did have one bloom - and I took photos! I can't remember the name but it had a tinge of light pink around the edge of cream/white petals and was SO fragrant! You have good hands, so blessed you are.


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