Wednesday, January 21, 2009

16 ~ The Municipal Market

produce plate
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The mercado municipal in Puerto de la Cruz is an interesting three storey building, comprising a supermarket, linen and souvenir bazaars as well as other shops on the main and top floors and the farmers' fruit and vegetable market up the escalator on the second floor. It opens at 8 am and although the produce stall owners pack up their goods after 1 pm, other shops are open until 8 pm. There is a parking garage in the basement which is free if you buy something at any of the shops and have your parking ticket stamped.

The building has a central patio with natural light.
market Escalators make it easier to go up to higher levels.
escalatorsThere are many stalls from which to choose.
market stallsThe fruit and vegetables make colourful displays.
fruit & veg Island-grown papaya...large and small varieties.
papaya African yams called ñames here (center).African yamsThe spice & herb shop sells saffron and paprika as well as many whole and ground herbs and local honey.
paprika Vieja (parrot fish) is a local specialty in the fish stall.
parrot fish, vieja A prepared food stall also sells paella to order.
paella ladyThe finished paella looks just right!

There is a flea market usually every Saturday morning held both on the roof and the front patio of the market building. One can find clothing, books, cameras, silver, china and other items seen at flea markets.

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