Sunday, April 5, 2009

32 ~ Sunday Flea Market

flea market 8(click photos to enlarge)

Every Sunday in the La Paz area of Puerto de la Cruz, there's a flea market held in the parking lot of Supermarket 2000 (now known as Spar) from 9 am to 2 pm. I arrived there a little late, when some of the stall owners were already packing up. But as the Supermarket is open all day, I wanted to combine shopping for a few things for lunch with a look at the flea market.
Here are some impressions:

flea market 2

flea market 3

flea market 4

flea market 5

flea market 6

flea market 8

flea market 1

flea market 7

flea market 10Well I didn't buy anything today, but maybe next time I'll look for a little shoulder bag just big enough for toting around my mini pocket point and shoot camera and perhaps a string of pretty purple beads to go with a new spring floral blouse. So I'll probably be back here again next Sunday.


Leppismummi said...

What a great pleasure to find your blog. We are big fans of PDC and will have to wait til next November, but now I know a place where to come before that.

Canarybird said...

Thank you Leppismummi! I tried to answer on your blog but I see you haven't yet started writing or have comments, but you do have a lovely photo of your baby! My husband speaks and understand some Finnish as he learned the language when he was a young boy. I hope you will have a good holiday here in PDC. I will soon be adding some restaurant reviews from this area to my blog.
regards, Sharon.


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