Wednesday, December 17, 2008

10 ~ Today in the Garden

It's chilly in the north of Tenerife but the sun is trying to come out after many rainy days. In our garden, the inflorescence of the agave attenuata grows longer, the tip ever nearer to the ground. The base flowers are dying and turning brown while those further up the stem are opening, creating a two-toned effect as the still closed buds are bright green.
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agave attenuata
This is the time of the year when the flame vine from Brazil, Pyrostegia Ignea is most beautiful. It covers walls and hedges, here mingling with magenta bougainvillae and pale blue plumbago auriculata to form a colourful cover for a garage roof in an urban neighbourhood.

pyrostegia ignea and bougainvillae
This fast-growing vine, also known as Binonia is seen in subtropical regions during winter and spring seasons.

pyrostegia ignea closeup
As is customary here in December, the streets in the town are filled with shoppers and people on holiday. Some dress optimistically in summer clothes and sandals while others wear windbreakers and carry umbrellas. One can usually distinguish the local residents from the visitors however, as those who live here tend to feel the cold and dress for winter, while those who have come from colder regions find the Tenerife weather almost balmy.

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