Tuesday, September 22, 2009

61 ~ Bibi & The Dove

Bibi & The Dove Bibi was sitting on my printer watching the birds outside visiting the bird feeder in the tree, but she didn't notice that one dove was keeping an eye on her as she gazed out the window. The dove sat for the longest time observing her but didn't dare fly down to visit the feeder.

rain on the patio And finally we did have some rain. Not too much but enough to freshen the air and the garden. It rained again during the night but the days are still warm.

And totally another topic: Today I was given a couple of homemade Cornish Pasties by my English friend Brenda who has been in the catering business for years and is known for her breads and pastries. They looked so lovely I took a photo and will print out one in colour for her. Don't they look good! (click to enlarge)

Brenda's Cornish Pasties Just a couple of random photos from today.
Hasta la vista!


nimenos said...
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nimenos said...

Poor Bibi... Cata and his brother Rodo, can be sitting by the window watching the birds passing by for hours, and if a bird gets close enough they make a noise like hihihihi that I translate as "get closer, closer, closer"

Canarybird said...

They do love to watch birds don't they! Saludos to Rodo and Cata from Bibi.


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