Sunday, December 14, 2008

9 ~ Parrots in My Garden

It is not unusual to wake up in the morning to the sound of parrots chattering in the palm trees around our house, a undefinable noise not unlike that of small puppies learning to bark.

They have taken particular liking to a large Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria Heterophylla) in our neighbourhood, as well as a Jerusalem thorn (Parkinsonia Aculeata) in our garden, although it is not often they are seen there. The parrots are not native to these parts but are escapees from Loro Parque, a theme park on the outskirts of town which began as a reserve for the protection and procreation of parrots and tropical birds, and which now includes many other species of animals.

But the parrots seem to have taken up permanent residence in our area away from their former home. Here they are in photos I took in October 2004 when they didn't mind being the centre of attention as they perched in our Jerusalem thorn tree.
(Click to enlarge.)

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MeInMyLife said...

Thanks for your comment..
I really appreciated it.
Sorry for the spelling (Im a bad speller)
But Wow!!
The birds look beautiful :]


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