Tuesday, March 3, 2009

25 ~ Rain, Rain Go Away

rain patio (Click photos to enlarge)

Rain, rain go away,
Come again another day,
Little children want to play.
Rain, rain go to Spain.
Never show your face again.

Well some say this little nursery rhyme began when stormy weather thwarted the invasion of England by the Spanish Armada in 1588. And it looks as though the stormy weather has been sent back here again with a vengeance. The Canary Islands have had more rain this winter than anyone can remember, along with the coldest winter in 36 years.

wet chair arm As I write this, I hear the rain dropping right behind my head due to an unfortunate leak in my computer room roof. This will of course, be repaired when the sun shines again. Although then it won't be necessary will it!

leaf waterpearl I hear that the reservoirs on the islands are all full to the brim. I know my 500 liter rain barrel is overflowing onto the ground.

red flower So until it stops, I will wander through my garden and take a few photos of wet leaves and whatever I see before the next shower starts.

rose leaves The roses are putting out new shoots. And I have found a second blackbird nest built in a tangle of bougainvillae against a back garden wall. No wonder there are so many birds coming for their daily dose of dry cat food.

lime blossom The little lime tree is blossoming and I hope the overdose of water isn't going to harm it.

grass There are puddles everywhere and the grass is spurting pale green shoots as it is quite waterlogged.

clothes rack We don't mind never having had an electric clothes dryer since the sun and wind do a better job and are free. However there is sometimes a wait of a few days before I can use this clothes rack when the weather is like this.

red flower & drop Red trumpet vine

hibiscus Hibiscus


aloe Aloe

nectarine A nectarine blossom

sky This is the current view towards the mountain and I think it will rain again in a few minutes. The forecast for tomorrow is .....guess what......more rain! This proves that the rain in Spain doesn't fall mainly on the plain! It also falls on the Canary Islands. Oh well this will guarantee some beautiful mossy green hillsides and perhaps an even better carpet of spring flowers!

NEXT: A Fish Dinner Down the Coast.


Marysol said...

Rain? In your paradaisal corner of Tenerife? I don't believe it.
I think, you just got carried away while watering your beautiful garden.

Btw, I just learned that las comparsas also take place in the Canary Islands! I thought these street dances were strictly a Cuban tradition.

CB, your pictures brought back so many memories of my brother and I joining in the comparsas when we were kids. Wow. Thanks for the memories. You have a lovely blog!

Canarybird said...

¡Hola Sol! So nice to see you over here and thank you for the visit and your kind comment. Yes there are comparsas here and they sure do spend a lot of time and money getting ready for the yearly carnival. I bet you and your brother really enjoyed it as kids. Here the little ones are dressed up and in the parades as soon as they're old enough to walk. I'm coming over to visit your blog now. Hasta la vista!

The Ortega's said...

Beautiful photos as always. I too wish the rain would hurry up and so away...I have two toddlers that need to get out and play.

Canarybird said...

Hello and thank you for the visit! I hope the weather is better next week. It's hard when small ones have to stay indoors.


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