Thursday, March 11, 2010

92 ~ Cactus Down

antonio up ladder
Our tallest cactus lost a couple of arms which fell down into the bouganvillea in one our recent wind storms and so we decided to cut it all down, as the weight of the remaining arms was dislodging the tiles of the garden shed. Our gardener Antonio came with two of his sons and a power saw to take it all down. He has five grown sons. Imagine!

Antonio up the ladder ties a cable around one arm.
After it's ripped off, they start on another one...look out!

rope tied


look out

sawing the arm
A lot of liquid squirts out as he saws it into pieces.

sawing closeup
He had to make many trips with the wheelbarrow to take it all away.

wheelbarrow As everything grows here at such a pace, the broken bougainvillea will soon be climbing back up and blooming again.

One nice surprise this morning was to see our first spikes of larkspur blooming. We have a lot of it and reseed more every year as it's such a welcome sign of spring and the purple ones look especially pretty!

blue larkspur

pink larkspur

As I write this the weather has changed and we have a soft rain. It's always needed here!

Thanks for the visit, and ¡Hasta la vista!



Ashleigh said...

Wow! That is a tough job with all the spikes!!! Yikes!

nimenos said...

looks like a dangerous job... poor thing

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that, huge cactus. How old do you think it was?


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