Sunday, December 7, 2008

6 ~ Goats On The Road

There are many goats here and as a result there are some wonderful goat cheeses made on the islands. This year the Canary Islands won the 2008 World Cheese Championship held in Dublin, Ireland for the Queso Arico Curado Pimentón, produced by the cooperative Sociedad Canaria de Fomento, beating 2,400 other contestants from around the world. The cheese is made from goats' milk and animal rennet and is flavoured by a frequent brushing of paprika and gofio, a toasted cereal mixture of the islands. It is matured for six months and has a lovely tangy flavour which goes well with a glass of dry sherry.

queso arico curado pimenton
queso arico curado pimenton

One can see goats grazing on hillsides, on waste grounds and sometimes crossing roads with the help of their herding dogs. These photos were taken on the road in Cuesta de la Villa, north Tenerife in March 2006 when traffic stopped to let a herd of goats find their way to the other side.

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