Tuesday, March 2, 2010

90 ~ Those Olympic Games

Kim Yu-Na Kim Yu-Na of Korea

Kim Yu-Na 1 Ladies' Gold Medal Figure Skater Kim Yu-Na Performing at the Exhibition Gala

As a Canadian and ex-Vancouverite I have to turn my attention away from Canary Islands for a few moments to comment on what were to me the most wonderful Winter Olympic games that I've seen. Congratulation to Vancouver for organizing such a monumental event and for showing the world one of Canada's most beautiful cities. They worked hard to make sure that Cypress Mountain had enough snow, while in downtown Vancouver the trees in the streets were decked with pink Japanese plum blossoms.

I watched every event possible, despite the eight hour time difference between Vancouver and the Canary Islands, where we are on GMT London time. But I have a special love of the Figure Skating events. And the young Korean girl, Kim Yu-Na was so exquisite, with the grace of a prima ballerina, that it was no wonder she won the gold medal for Womens' Figure Skating. These screen captures were taken during the Exhibition Gala.

We had a total electric failure on Tenerife just as we were waiting to watch the closing ceremonies of the games. What a shame. However we have to count ourselves lucky that shortly before that happened we were able to see the much awaited hockey game where Canada won the gold medal in the sudden death final after a tie with USA, for a total of 14 gold medals for Canada, an Olympic record. And thanks to Eurovision Tv's website all the Olympic events are recorded and available for Europeans for viewing in their entirety as well as in high definition and full screen. Even if you don't have HD on your monitor, the pictures are beautiful and clear.

Kim 2 Kim Yu-Na

So I was able to watch the closing ceremonies on my computer the next day. The setting was beautiful, the speeches were moving. And through the years, each time I watch the lowering of the Olympic flag and the snuffing out of the flame I always feel a little sad and teary-eyed. It's all over and everyone has to leave and go home again. But I have the impression from family members who were there that most everyone had a good time.

vancouver view Vancouver, B.C. Canada

At the time of writing, if you live in Europe, you can still watch full length videos in HD and full screen of many of the Olympic events, including both the opening and closing ceremonies in their entirety on Eurovision Sports TV.
Here is the link. The opening and closing ceremonies are the first and last of the thumbnail picture icons. The gala exhibition figure skating is also there.

There is another page of many video links from Eurovision TV, not in HD, where you can search at page left for the type of event which will appear in the thumbnail boxes. Here is that link. From there you can also switch to the HD page on the tab at the top of the video window.

And if you are living elsewhere, here is the website for Vancouver 2010 which also has many videos of the city and the Games.

Photos above are screenshots are taken from from OBS Olympic Broadcasting Services, as seen on Eurovision Sports TV on my computer.

And to finish, here is a little video about Vancouver:

Bye for now and ¡Hasta la vista!


Kyna said...

I'm glad that you got to see a lot of the Olympics, just like I did, even with not living in Canada :) I wrote about the hockey game in my last blog, I was so proud :D Even though my American husband was a bit grumpy afterwards lol.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell anyone, but I was pleased that Canada won the hockey game. (shhh!) And Kim Yu-Na is so elegant and beautiful.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch much more than the short program in figure skating and a little of the curling and speed-skating. The player on the Olympics page refused to work for me. When I checked for plug-ins, the page said I needed them and my computer said I already had them. Finally, in frustration, I gave up and resorted to YT, but clips were being blocked as fast as they were being loaded. (Copywright.)

Vancouver has really endeared itself to Americans with this Olympics. I've heard nothing but positive remarks about the town. First Olympics I can remember where there was no grumbling about the host city.

debsgarden said...

Figure skating has always been my favorite, and I enjoyed all the performances. Kim Yu Na is very special. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for a terrific peak at Vancouver.

Ashleigh said...

You should be so proud! We were able to atch a lot on our box that the military gives us with US programming...My only complaint and it has nothing to do with Vancouver was that because of the time difference, if they were doing live coverage, curling was on in prie time EVERY night for the two weeks...and I still don't get what is going on...LOL

Marysol said...

Sharon, I have to admit, I hardly ever watch the Olympic Games.
Feel free to pull the trigger.

However, if I had the time to devote to this event, I'd be much more inclined to sit through the very graceful, and romantic sport that is Figure Skating.

Cindy said...

My favorites were Kim Yu-Na, Evan Lysacek, and Johnny Weir. I watched a little downhill and skateboarding, but not much interest in the rest.

Canarybird said...

Yes those were good games and I have to admit that for me they were so much more interesting because I knew Whistler Village when it was just starting out as a ski area, and I lived in Vancouver for years so loved the shots around the city, although it has changed so much.

Renee I'm sorry the links didn't work for you. I noticed the Vancouver link I posted had acquired a gremlin but I fixed it.
Too bad the best HD links worked only in Europe.

Ashleigh I think the aim of curling is to get your rock in the bulls eye and push out those of the other team. More than that I also don't understand LOL!

Thanks for comments everyone. :-)


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