Saturday, March 27, 2010

97 ~ Lunch Downtown

lunch 1 It seems that wherever you go here in the town there are more and more restaurants with outdoor tables springing up. I find it quite charming to see narrow back streets converted into individual dining rooms, set apart with coloured awnings, tablecloths, glistening glassware and chalkboard menus that make one stop and read what is being offered as the menu of the day.

lunch 2
As I walked down the narrow streets the other day I wondered if these tables really do fill with diners, considering the great number of restaurants I saw in just one small area of town. But I think the evening hours are more popular for dining with visitors on holiday, who come in from beach and pool, change and go out again for a spin around the town.

But it takes some clever arrangment of screens and partitions to turn a drab street corner into an intimate dining area.

lunch 3 And each one calls for attention with coordinated colour decor and daily menu specials.

lunch 4 Cafes specializing in pastry and ice creams as well as pizzerias and tapas bars are seen on every corner of this street. I hadn't been walking in this part of town for a while and was surprised at the number of new and renovated establishments.

lunch 5
lunch 6
lunch 7
And if heading down to the main plaza, Plaza del Charco, one will arrive at the main restaurant area of town, where there are many places from which to choose.

walking to plaza charco Near the Flower Stalls

down steps Steps in Calle Iriarte

near the harbour Near the Fishermens' Harbour

And a lunch in the plaza is hard to beat!
lunch in plaza
So thanks for your visit and I hope you will come by again.

¡Hasta la vista!



Jo said...

I absolutely LOVE eating in outdoor restaurants. (Can you eat in an outdoor restaurant...?) You truly live in the most beautiful place in the world. These photos are absolutely wonnnnnnderful. It's a far cry from Argyle Street in Port Alberni, isn't it? :-)



Ashleigh said...

I LOVE eating in outdoor cafes! Can't wait til it's warm enough to do it all the time here in Madrid!

Canarybird said...

Yes Jo...most restaurants with an outdoor patio also have some tables indoors. Sometimes it does rain, even here!. :-)'s a long way from Argyle street!

Ashleigh I love Madrid but haven't been for ages other than to the airport. You have some wonderful restaurants there.

Thanks to you both for the visit. Nice to see you!


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