Saturday, November 28, 2009

72 ~ German Delicatessen


Out walking this morning I stopped in Gourmeteria Botanico, a German delicatessen in the La Paz district of our town and bought a few pieces of wurst and salad for my husband.

shop interior window
I don't advertise on my blog but do like to take photos and mention the shops where I find good products and friendly service here in the north of Tenerife. In this case, Daniella served me while her husband sat outside reading the daily football (soccer) newspaper. He is sitting at one of the tables in their outdoor snack area where coffee and tapas from the deli are served. They are both fluent in speaking German and Spanish.

deli owner reading
It's the same paper as my husband also reads every day. Soccer in Spain is so popular that there are two daily national newspapers devoted to just that sport.

But here are photos I took of the fresh sausages while Daniella prepared my package.

wurst 1 center
deli wurst left
deli wurst right
And now it's time for buying the Christmas stollen and these look like they have marzipan centers. I love marzipan, especially when it's inside a piece of stollen!

stollen A pretty Christmas centerpiece is on the counter.

xmas bouquet
Here you can also order and reserve ahead to be sure your favourite deli meats and salads aren't sold out in what is now the busy high season for tourists visiting the island. Gourmeteria Botanico can be found in the Canary Center shopping complex near the Hotel Botanico in Puerto de la Cruz, next to the shoe repair shop and the Benetton childrens' outlet store. It's a nice place to stop for a coffee under the enormous frangipani tree there.
And when I came out, I headed for the bakery nearby! So follow me there!


Marysol said...

Oh Sharon, I love marzipan and stollen too! Together, or apart, it matters not.

Btw, Daniella reminds me of famous actress Hilary Swank—especially her smile.

Canarybird said...

You're right! I was trying to think who she reminded me of and you hit the nail on the head. She looks very much like Hilary Swank! lol.
I had a small piece of stollen today, but don't tell anybody, especially my dietician. :-)


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