Wednesday, September 30, 2009

62 ~ Sunday Flea Market

pipe player South American pan pipe player

Every Sunday there is a flea market held in the parking lot of one of the local supermarkets.

canvas slippers
So far I have seen only one stall that sells what could be called 'flea worthy' since it's the only one that sells second hand goods.

2nd hand stall
The rest sell inexpensive tourist oriented souvenirs and clothing, handcrafted and new costume jewellery, and inexpensive handbags.

girl browsing
However it is interesting to drop by there on my way to pick up a loaf of bread at the bakery to see if anything new has been added.

s.american wooden dollsSouth American wooden dolls and artifacts

jewellery girl
Some of the silver and mother of pearl shell jewelery is quite attractive.

argan oil I've read about Argan Oil from Morocco. It's one of the world's rarest oils and its production is labour intensive, extracted by hand by Berber women. I wondered though how authentic this bottle of oil could be seeing as it was being sold in a flea market. Hmmmm.

t-shirt seller There's never a shortage of T-shirts to buy in Tenerife!

browsing handbags Nor is there a shortage of handbags made in all materials.

girl looking at jewellery

market scene

seller women Here below a local Canary woman demonstrates the typical open-stitch embroidery of the island.


man reading This girl is selling jewellery.
Notice her beautiful long hair.

jewellery seller

two shoppers As I leave I stop to take a photo of one of the beautiful little Flamboyant trees (Delonix Regia) with their wide, horizontal spreading branches.

flamboyant tree Well time to get that bread and return home to start on our Sunday dinner. Hasta la Vista!


leslie said...

Sharon, this looks like a fun afternoon or poke around there while buying a loaf of bread...I would like that! Hope you are well!

nimenos said...

Sevilla flea markets used to be very special, but not any more... a shame.

Canarybird said...

Thank you Leslie and Nimenos...yes it was on a Sunday morning and I do enjoy looking around but it is as Nimenos says, the same as in Sevilla, they are not so interesting any more because there are fewer and fewer antique or old, collectable objects and more cheaply made new items suitable for a dollar store.
regards to you both, Sharon.

Leppismummi said...

I had to come and read your blog while I´m waiting here in the cold and rain . My holiday to Pto de la Cruz will start about after 50 days. It is right time to start follow your blog.

Canarybird said...

Leppismummi...I hope you will have a good holiday here! Thanks for the visit.


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