Sunday, February 1, 2009

19 ~ Punta Brava Beach

Punta Brava Black Sand
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I went with my friend Anne on January 29 for a drive down to Playa Jardin, or Garden Beach, located on the edge of town in an area called Punta Brava. Although the sun was out and there was a wide blue sky, the wind was strong and the red flag was out to warn people that bathing in the surf was forbidden. This is the open Atlantic and there is a heavy undertow.

Punta Brava beachEven expert swimmers are warned to stay out of the water when the sea is rough.

red flagThere are restaurants on the rocky promontory.

Punta Brava village
Here at the left is a place where you can bask in the salt spray. One has the feeling of sitting in a boat. It is quite exciting to sit outside at the Tambo restaurant when the sea is high.

Tambo by the sea It's best just to wet your feet and not go swimming.

2 swimmers Or to lie on the beach or take a stroll.

pax on beach There are lovely paved walks all around the beach at two levels, with changing rooms and lockers.

beach & promenade And you can sit up high at several cafes and restaurants and look down on the beach below.

promenade Anne and I stop at a beach restaurant for a bowl of homemade potage de verduras, vegetable soup.

potaje The little restaurant is open to the beach and perfect for having lunch when your feet are sandy and you're in your beachwear, which we weren't that day.

Anne restaurant The Teide looms over all, reminding us that this is a volcanic island. The black sand becomes burning hot in the sun, so there are wooden pathways leading across the sand part way to the water's edge. One needs to wear sandals to avoid doing the 'ouch ouch' dance when crossing the sand.

Teide Some people like to find a private corner in one of the rocks near the water, sheltered from wind.

rock man
Over at the right side of the beach, heading towards Puerto de la Cruz there is more to see as well as more beach cafes.

right view The promenade at beach level is an easy walk with benches if one just wants to sit and watch people go by.

promenadeSome people prefer to be in the shade, and playing boules (petanca) away from the sand.

boulesThe little yellow train takes visitors to the Loro Parque zoo show.

yellow train A palm inflorescence is seen in the garden area, well stocked with varied species of cactus and local flora.

inflorescence A living statue demonstrates her ability to stand very still:

statue 1 But when you drop a coin in her cup, she blows a kiss.
statue 2


Gabriele said...

Photos in this blog are awesome. I wonder if it is the quality of the camera which gives those results in the first place. Or were they edited with Photoshop?


Canarybird said...

Thank you for your comment Gabriele.
I don't use Photoshop, but rather a much simpler editing program.
However I get very good results from my two point & shoot Olympus cameras, using the Stylus 800 and the SP560 to take these photos. Thanks for your visit!

Canarybird (Sharon)


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