Thursday, September 17, 2009

60 ~ Summer is Ending

grapefruit tree Here it is nearly autumn. The sun sits a little lower in the sky but the days are still warm and golden.

flower basketWe're waiting for some much needed rain which has arrived in torrential fashion to the Spanish mainland, where there is serious flooding.

green flower basketBut here in Canaries, we look at the sky, ask our old gardener if he can interpret any signs from the cloud formations, as most local people who have worked the land here are able to do, but with a glance skyward and a shrug of the shoulders he shakes his head. No, hoy no va llover. Quizás mañana. Not today, perhaps tomorrow.

garden viewSo we put the sprinkler again on the lawn and hose the dust from the car, then take a little walk around the garden with the camera and Bibi, our new Siamese cat.

bibi in sunlight The warm weather has caused her to moult, losing much of the dark brown hair on her back, exposing some of the lighter hair underneath, and in places looking almost like pale stripes.

mandevillaThe mandevilla blooms well at this time.

dried leaves We even have some dried leaves, but miss the autumn chill in the air that goes with raking them into a pile for the composter. The Madagascar Palm (Pachypodium Lamerei) is still putting forth white flowers on that one stem I photographed earlier.

Madagascar Palm Is this perhaps the last red rose of summer? In a few days it will be autumn, but the rose bushes are all putting forth new growth and many flower buds. It's not yet time for them to have a rest.

red rose bud

bougainvillae gate

palm seeds Hibiscus blooms most of the year; this one has just had a watering from the hose.

red hibiscus


garden basket The hedges are growing rapidly now we have cooler evenings. There is always something to prune or trim.

red geranium A blackbird sits outside my window, waiting for the doves to vacate the bird feeder. They seem to find it a convenient place to dine, much to the dismay of the smaller birds.

blackbird Yes I see you watching me. Now move out of the food tray and let the smaller birds have a chance please!

dove Well I guess I'd better go now and make our dinner. Hasta la vista!


Real Tenerife said...

Beautiful photos as always. Apparently it's rained in the south of Tenerife this week.

nimenos said...

So beautiful garden, the birds, the flowers, the sunlight, everything is lovely....

Catalino sends his love to Bibi ;-)

Canarybird said...

Real Tenerife....that's good to know. I hope the rain clouds will move up our way soon!

Nimenos.....thank you. Un Bibi beso tambien para Catalino. :-)

Ishrath said...

Every photo of your has a story to tell. Great pix.


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