Wednesday, March 10, 2010

91 ~ Downtown

San Telmo church Ermita de San Telmo

Walking along the seafront in Puerto de la Cruz one sees the little Chapel of San Telmo. Built in 1870 it is a quaint landmark built in Canary style on a viewpoint overlooking the sea.

san Telmo full view
I was walking around the other day on my way to a bookstore, going to pick up a book written by a lady of my acquaintance, and just newly in print. I'll be writing about that shortly.

Where there used to be camels in this plaza, known by those who remember it as la plaza de los camelos there is now a horse and buggy. The camels would be rented out to tourists for a short ride around the town. And as they lurched through the traffic with their double seats, camel bells clanging, they unceremoniously dropped their manure on the streets. I see that this carriage has been fitted out with a rear canvas sling to catch the droppings.

Walking a little farther along, near to the main church, is a street market displaying fruits and vegetables. I have always thought these carambolas were an interesting fruit, and must buy them more often. There are so many exotic, tropical fruits available here.

carambolas Carambolas or Star Fruit

There are wonderful locally grown tomatoes available here year round.

tomatoes And I bought a lovely butternut squash there.

Next door is a cafe popular for having a drink, watching people go by or just reading a newspaper.

man at cafe
Their raisin magdalenas are fresh and good, and go well with a cafe con leche.

Another cobblestone street with cafes and shops.

street and man
Calle La Hoya Calle La Hoya

Here is a cafe popular with British residents. They like to meet here on the main street for a drink and a chat when they are downtown.

cafe royal
Well I'm going back to my car and hope to see you again soon. Thanks for the visit and ¡hasta la vista!.



Gill Bailey said...

Wow lovely bright pictures as usual, these sure brought back memories of many walks down these streets,

Lovely thanx Mom


Gattina said...

To me your pictures also bring back memories. We used to spent our holidays in Torviscas for years. I know the Island from top to bottom, lol !


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