Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Seen in Passing

Spider LilySpider Lily - Hymenocallis Littoralis

We still have lovely warm days here in Tenerife, many with high humidity, others with a little sea breeze blowing across my garden. Here are a few photos taken on recent walks around the town.

Passing by a Sunday flea market, I met and chatted with this gentleman from Madrid who was trying out a classical guitar for sale. He said he was on holiday and missed his own guitar so was happy to be able to sit down, borrow the guitar and practise for a few minutes.

guitar man

flea market guitar

Leather bags - real or imitation, are popular in flea markets here.

leather bag man

I bought a pot of thyme from this plant stall. It's one of my favourite herbs so I always have some growing year round in large patio pots.

plant stall

Headless models display summer dresses.


A stroll by Alvaro's newly furbished tennis and sports centre and Quintana restaurant. There is a well equipped gym, machine and mat Pilates classes and paddle courts as well as tennis and a soccer field there, located in the La Paz area of Puerto de la Cruz.

Alvaro' sports centre

Doris offers me some German cheesecake when I buy a loaf of bread at the bakery window.

Doris in bakery

A Canary palm with branches of tiny dates graces a small street garden.

canary palm

And overhead a paraglider floats into the late afternoon sun.


Thanks for dropping by and hasta la vista!



Másdelomismo said...

pero porque no habrá una Doris en Sevilla para conseguir un trozo de tarta de queso como esa???

me matas....

Canarybird said...

Hola amiga......pues la tarta de queso es peligrosa para la linea, asi que solo la compro por mi marido y a lo mejor un trozo para mi los domingos :-)


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