Thursday, January 6, 2011

Los Reyes Magos

Last night the Three Kings, Los Reyes Magos arrived from the Orient to bring Christmas gifts for the children of Spain and other Hispanic countries. Known as Los Reyes Magos, or The Magi, they appear on decorated floats or riding on camels.

In Madrid they arrived amidst a spectacular parade with many floats and marching bands.

Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid


 In the Canary Islands, they appeared riding on camels with an exotic entourage.

Melchoir in Santa Cruz de Tenerife



All images above were taken from RTVC...Canarias television.

 One charming custom is for the mayor of the city to present the Kings with a large golden key, which is supposedly a magic key which enables them to be able to open all the doors of the homes in the city so they can distribute gifts while the children sleep.

Before going to bed, children will leave bowls of milk and cookies in their living room for both the Kings and the camels.

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a lovely Dia de Reyes, or 6th of January, a national holiday here in Spain.


Gary said...

What an amazing spectacle. Amandas mum, who lives with us, has been to Tenerife many times and is badgering us to go....I think it may be inevitable. Can you recommend anywhere both lush, beautiful....and cheap?

Canarybird said...

Gary ...I'm going to go to your blog and send you a private message with tips. Cheers, Sharon.


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