Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mme. Pierre S. Dupont

Mme. P.S.Dupont

A favourite in my garden.  I have the climbing version of this rose, also know in North America as Mrs. P.S. Dupont.  It was bred by Charles Mallerin of France in 1929 as a hybrid tea, and later bred as a climber by Hillock in U.S.A. in 1933.

Although this is not ideal rose growing country, there are some which do well in my garden.  This one is on a very sheltered east-facing wall, crowded between vigorous climbing plants which often hide the rose canes.
Things grow madly here in this climate and cutting back is a weekly chore.

I love the rich buttery colour, the dark red stamens and the dainty petals.  Also the way the center petals stay tightly closed while the outer petals are unfolding, as in the middle photo.

Thanks for dropping by! Do come again soon.  Hasta la Vista!


siga said...

Gorgeous! I am impressed by Your talent not only in photography, but in gardening skills as well :) The roses are very capricious ladies in Canaries...

Gary said...

Hi Sharon,
Indeed, a lovely rose to have in your garden. I particularly like the red stamens against the colour of the bloom when fully open.

Canarybird said...

Thanks Siga...yes... one has to be careful to choose roses that can stand warm weather. It's taken me years of trial and error but I have now several that do well in this climate.

Gary...that's what I love best too...those dark red stamens. I once planted a bush of Jacqueline Du Pré because of the red stamens against the white petals but she didn't last here. But my Margaret Merril is doing very well here and has the same red stamens plus a wonderful perfume.

karin's art and sculptures said...

I live in the Dordogne in France and have just planted the climbing version of Mme PS du Pont and was wondering if it is a recurring flowerer. I know you're in warmer climes, but what is your experience with this rose.

regards, Karin

Canarybird said...

Hello Karin....I've found that this rose does repeat during the growing season. I have to admit that it's not planted in the best place in my garden as a clerodendrum growing nearby tends to crowd it out but it does keep blooming. I hope yours does well because the dark yellow colour is really beautiful. Thanks for dropping by.


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