Sunday, April 18, 2010

102 ~ White Roses

Iceberg 4
I love white roses and never seem to tire of photographing them! Since we've had some heavy winds lately, most roses have had their petals blown away and one of my bushes of Iceberg has also suffered. But they will come back with a new flush of blooms very soon. In the meantime here are some photos I took a week ago.

(Click to enlarge photos below)

Iceberg bud 2


white rose bud 1 Iceberg

Did I say I love my white roses?

Iceberg 3
When I'm not taking closeups of Iceberg I go over to Margaret Merrill and admire her pretty rusty pink stamens.
These photos below were taken last year.

Margaret Merrill 1

Margaret Merrill 2

Margaret Merrill 3Margaret Merrill

I wish everyone a happy weekend! Here's hoping the clouds of volcanic ash from Iceland which has halted most European air traffic will soon abate so people can continue with their travel plans.

Thanks for dropping by, and hasta la vista!


Bangchik said...

Roses never fail to amaze, from far with its beauty and near with its sweetness and intricacy
~bangchik, Putrajaya Malaysia

Ellada said...

Hello, from Greece.
Bravo for your beautiful roses.

livia said...

everything is so beautiful in your pics. Congrats!
greetins from brazil!

Geothermal Heat Pumps said...
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Anonymous said...

Fabulous roses - roses always remind me of my mother, they were here favourite flow and her garden was full of them and she tended them with love.

Thank you for sharing them.

Goforgold (Marion)


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