Tuesday, April 6, 2010

99 ~ Portraits of My Daughters

Mich & Gill My Girls

Leaving aside the Canary Islands for a while, I've been looking back at some of the early photos I took of my two girls when they were small. These were taken around 40 years ago with a 35mm East German Voigtländer camera using slide film. A friend in Germany later digitized them for me using a slide scanner.

The photos were taken in Vancouver, B.C. when we lived there. Not all slides have stood up to the years, with the emulsion wearing off in a few but I'm so glad that I now have some of the best ones saved as digital photos.


Mich & Gill
When little girls went out to play wearing dresses

Gill Stanley Park In Stanley Park

with girlfriends With Playmates

There's a complete slideshow on this link.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter Holiday!

Thanks for your visit and ¡Hasta la Vista!


nimenos said...

Love the fourth picture... that funny face....

Ashleigh said...

How sweet...the one at the mirror is my fav! Precious!!

Marysol said...

At first glance the photo taken in Stanley Park resembles a master's oil painting.


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