Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fresh Goat Cheese

fresh goat cheeseQueso de Arico, Tenerife

Here is a sample of one of the local Tenerife fresh cheeses. Although it's not the same one used below in the quesadillas from El Hierro, it is similar in appearance and would probably be fine to use if one wished to make the quesadillas at home.

I just wanted to clarify what a 'fresh cheese' from these islands looks like.
They stay fresh for only a few days and must be eaten soon after they are purchased.

This piece comes from the factory in Arico, Tenerife which produced the winning cheese in the World Cheese Awards in Dublin in 2008.


nimenos said...

Bueno Sharon, déjame decirte que con el queso, sus postres y sus variedades me estás dando donde más me duele....

Nimenos es mi nombre y Ratona mi apellido.


Landscaping Services Calgary said...

yum yum
so delicious Cheese dear, i can not control my self more to eat it..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture, Sharon. I now better understand the type of cheese you meant.

I'm not sure that would ever get into quesadillas; I'd be tempted to eat it as it is! It looks delicious.

debsgarden said...

I have never tasted goat cheese; it looks delicious!


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