Monday, May 24, 2010

Minnie's Diary

Please excuse my long absence due to a broken down computer which is still in the workshop. Luckily I have my photos saved on an exterior drive but otherwise have lost quite a lot of data. However I'm making do for a few days on a second old computer which has problems uploading so today I'm linking to some pictures I took earlier of our new little rescue cat Minnie.

Here is her photo and a slideshow I made of her new life in our home.


Minnie's Diary Slideshow

I hope to be back again with some new photos of our garden. We have a giant datura with coral blooms that has dozens of flower pods about to open. I'm so excited and looking forward to seeing them in full bloom.

When all is working again I will be adding some new photos to the slideshow of Minnie climbing a very tall tree! I was afraid that I might have to call the fire department to get her down, but she made it by herself.

Thank you for your visit and I hope you will enjoy seeing our new young cat!

¡Hasta la vista!



nimenos said...

what's about Bibi? Does she likes Minnie? I hope so

She is so tender... beautiful lucky Minnie.

Canarybird said...

Nimenos....Bibi esta en el cielo.
I'm so sorry to have to tell you that our dear Bibi died at Easter from the feline autoimmune deficiency virus. She must have had it ever since before she came to live with us. She always had a stomach problem and couldn't keep down her food, but she stopped eating and was two times up in the veterinary clinic. The second time she didn't come back even though she was treated with antibiotics and all that was possible.

I didn't want to mention it here on the blog because we were so sad and sorry. A friend of mine told another lady who was looking for a home for Minnie and so I took her right away. Saludos y besos para tus felinos! xx

nimenos said...

Ohhhh, Sharon, por Dios, que penita... tengo un nudo en la garganta ahora mismo que no me deja más que mandaros un fuerte abrazo...

Estoy segura de que hicisteis todo lo posible.

Que descanse en paz.

Minnie tiene mucha suerte de haber dado con una familia como la vuestra.


Ellada said...

What a beautiful cat, she so pretty.

Canarybird said...

Gracias Nimenos y un abrazo!

Expat Women said...


Regina here, for

I would like to personally invite you to list your blog on our Expat Women Blog Directory ( so that other women can read about and learn from your expat experiences.

Many thanks in advance for your contribution and keep up your great blog!


Anonymous said...

Minnie has such an inquisitive face. She is settling in well?

I've missed your posts, and am looking forward to seeing a pic of that garden soon. :)

Canarybird said...

Thank you Regina. I will be in touch with you.

Renee thanks for your comment. Yes Minnie is really settled in now. She follows me around everywhere....sits on the side of the basin watching while I brush my teeth (lol) and waits on the bathmat while I have my shower. She sits on the sofa between Wolf and I while we watch TV and she watches the screen too! Definitely has become a part of our home.

Canarybird said...

Oh and my computer is back home, but now the router is not working so I don't have an internet connection in my room and so I'm back on the old computer until the new router arrives next week.

Then I can get to posting all the things I've been collecting that I want to write about. Lots of garden and bird activity and a writeup about a little book that a friend of mine had published recently. :-) So till later...


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