Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow on The Teide

 Well it rained yesterday after that storm and as happens at this time of a year, a good rain will bring the snow to the mountain.  Here is an early morning view as the sun touched the slopes at 07:48 am, December 1.

This is always a sight we love to see as it signifies that winter really is here, despite that the days can be balmy down at sea level where the beaches are never empty. Except during the recent storm of course.


Kathrin said...

Snow in Tenerife - is that something special or is it normal that this mountain is covered by snow in winter?
Here in Austria everything is white outside at the moment and it's still snowing :)


Gosia said...

Teide looks beautiful. Exactly one year ago I sailed in the Canary Islands and weather was wonderful. I hope the weather will change not only the beautiful island of Tenerife but also in Ireland covered by snow.

Gary said...

Hi Canarybird,
The mountain looks absolutely amazing, especially in the morning light. One day I may get to visit!

Canarybird said...

Hello Kathrin...well it's always a topic of conversation here when the first snow falls on the mountain, usually at least once during a winter, because the landscape below is sub-tropical. And the locals take their children up to play in the snow. Sometimes it's the first they've ever seen.

Gosia...Yes winter weather is also wonderful here. But I bet Ireland is beautiful with snow.

Thanks Gary....yes you must come and see the Canaries with snow on the mountain one day!


Ashleigh said...

I should say there is...we've got some on our mountains too...this last few days of rain storms really plused snow up as well...

Marysol said...

Sharon, I love whenever you share photos of the snow-capped mountains.

It's a majestic view from here. So I can only imagine what it would look like in person.

N. Cider said...

Awesome Photo!
Thanks for sharing.
You have a great blog here.

java ukigoshi said...

merry christmas
happy new years

java said...

merry christmas
happy new years


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