Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dia de Canarias May 30

A celebration in the Canary Islands commemorating the first session of the Canary Island Parliament, which took place May 30, 1983.

  It is now a fiesta day of folkloric and cultural events in all of the seven Canary Islands.

 Here a display of typical Canary food samples to taste, sponsored by a local supermarket with the employees dressed in their local costumes, the 'trajes de mago'.

                          Fish croquettes - a popular local tapa.                                  

Local goat cheese and chorizo.

Canary Island sweet cakes.

A sample of locally made red wine.

Thanks for dropping by....do come again and until then...  ¡Hasta la Vista!


Marysol said...

Oh Sharon, how I would've loved being at this fiesta, merrily hitting every food tray along the way.

Also wish I could've seen you in front of the camera, but I'll forgive you, this time.

Happy Día de Canarias!

☆sapphire said...

Oh What a lovely blog. I enjoyed your posts very much. Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos.

Jo said...

Sharon, I always get hungry when I visit your blog. ;-) That food looks wonderful...!

I'm going to a high school reunion in Port Alberni next year. The old ADSS (ADHS) is being torn down. :-(

Susie of Arabia said...

Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Just don't have the time to blog hop like I used to! I must say your photos are exquisite! What kind of camera are you using? Hope life is good!

Canarybird said...

Gracias Sol! I wish you could drop by in person one day.

Thank you sapphire...I'll be visiting you soon.

Jo I always enjoy reading your blog, but I'm so sorry to hear they're going to tear down our old school. It's so full of memories for so many of us. Hugs.

Thank you Suzie and I'm happy to have you drop by for a visit and I can imagine how busy you must be....and knowing you can't drive in KSA to get to where you have to go! You're very brave. I have been using different cameras but my latest pocket and handbag camera with which I'm very pleased is the Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ-10. It's a great little camera for candid shots when out walking and shopping.

Marysol said...

Just thinking of you. And hoping you're enjoying every sunny day in beautiful Tenerife! Abrazos

Alexandra said...

I have just stumbled across your blog and loved this post. I happened to be in Fuerteventurea for the Canary festival. I heard some wonderful singing and music.
Thank you for sharing.

Ashleigh said...

As you know, Miss Sharon, I love your blog and your take on your little part of the world. I am editing a Spain wiki page over at GoOverseas.com and I was wondering if you'd be willing to write a little blurb about your city. I can link back to your blog in the credits for your writing. Let me know! Ashleigh


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