Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm Back

Hello again.  Here we are already in January of the new year 2012!

After a long absence I'm back on my blog.

I had a major computer crash last fall and at the same time I have been occupied caring for a family member who has been ill over the past year, so I was unable to spend the time I would have liked here on Tenerife Journal.

However the new computer has been installed and I have a new camera to try out so I'm ready and looking forward to being back here again.

The blackbirds and doves are busy in the garden hunting for stray pieces of dry cat food, and the other day I heard a black cap warbler singing.  (Audio link from the web.) We've had no winter on the island, with sunshine, warm temperatures and little rain. The peach blossoms are out in my back yard and the brugmansia is in full bloom.

Canon EOS 600D  EF 50mm lens f/5

This is still the time when poinsettias are blooming in our back yard, along roadsides and in many private gardens. As the weather has been mild with no wind or rainstorms, they are still looking pretty good.  We usually prune them down at the end of February when both flowers and leaves are looking bedraggled.

And while walking down in the town during the Christmas holidays, there were many living statues to be seen in the streets.  This one had a perpetual water flow from his urn into the dish below. He must have a hose and pump cleverly hidden somewhere! 
What patience to be able to stand still for such a long time!

I'll be back very soon with more pictures from the last weeks as well as some from future walks around the town.  

Wishing everyone an early Springtime full of showers and flowers!

Thanks for your visit and ¡hasta la vista!


Marysol said...

Querida madre de Dios, you're back!

And may I just say, WOW!
Your photography never disappoints, whether taken with the 'old' camera or the newest toy!

Happy New Year, Sharon!

Canarybird said...

¡Hola Sol!

Gracias....and great to see you here.
Happy New Year to you and yours. Hope you've had a lovely holiday season. Am looking forward to catching up on your blog as well.
Un abrazo xx

siga said...

Great to see You again! Sometimes looking at your island from mine was wondering if everything is ok... Beautiful pictures, was missing your garden and walks :))


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