Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beautiful Brugmansia

Here I am back again with my computer repaired, new hard disk and new router, so I hope to be able to post again regularly without problems. Please excuse my long absence. I've been taking many photos and hope you will find some of them interesting.

brugmansia 2
We have several brugmansia bushes in our garden, most of them white, but this peach one was cut down from a sunny spot where it wasn't at all happy, and from cuttings placed in different parts of the garden, we found the ideal place for this one. It wanted a sheltered position, away from wind and up against the house, facing west and next to a large oleander bush. Here are photos taken as the flower pods were developing:

brugmansia 3

brugmansia 4

brugmansia 5

brugmansia 6
It's now over 2 meters (6 feet) tall and puts out flowers in layers.
We're so pleased to have finally found the ideal location for this lovely bush.
As with other plants from the Solanaceae family, all parts of this one are highly toxic as well, so do be careful if you have small children or pets that chew on plant material.

Thanks for your visit, and hasta la vista!


Másdelomismo said...

Beautiful garden you have...

Michelle said...

Wow! Lovely photos of the Brugmasia. Love the new change to your website too! Beautiful header. The photos look so vibrant and colourful. Wonderful! Mich


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