Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flamenco Dancing

I think it's hard to sit still or stop your hands from clapping when listening to the sounds of genuine flamenco. Also wonderful to see people young and old from Andalucia who have been dancing these melodies since they were old enough to walk. I once took some lessons in dancing Sevillanas, which is more of a Spanish folk dance than pure flamenco. I loved it and plan to write about it soon including pictures taken in the class.

Here is Maria Pages, a beautiful and talented artist dancing Firedance, from the show Riverdance:

But to hear genuine flamenco you must go to Andalucia and know where to find people who don't go to classes but learn the rhythms and dance steps from their families.Here is one video of a little gypsy girl dancing Bulerias, one of the forms of flamenco.
(Be prepared - this is a bit noisy!)

And one of the greatest flamenco guitarists: Paco de Lucia, in an early video playing a fragment of Solea. ¡Olé Paco..I love it!

And here he is again playing Entre Dos Aguas, in a rhumba flamenca style with a group.

I'm taking a little rest this weekend after redesigning my blog with the new template and header. I hope you like it. I'll have some new photos to show you soon.
Thanks for dropping by to visit, and hasta la vista!



Ellada said...

This dance is very sexy. And like the Greeks, they have the music in their skin.

Másdelomismo said...

what can I say?? Love flamenco...

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. I was needing a pick-me-up, and this was the best! Thanks.

Canarybird said...

Oh Renee I was hoping you would have a lovely time on your special day! I'm glad if that music raised your spirits.

Flamenco Dance said...

Yes, flamenco dance has the kind of beat that nobody could resist. It's good that flamenco dancers are now available for stylish shows in every event and they are online for inquiries and bookings.


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