Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Summer Garden

back garden Our back garden with bougainvillae and areca palm

Isn't this a wonderful time of the year. The morning air is fresh and sweet with the scent of oleander and brugmansia, and our nights are perfumed with the Dama de Noche, Cestrum Nocturnum. As you can see I am still in the process of putting new plants into patio pots and have not yet finished. I'm hoping to buy a small banana plant to put in a bare spot of the lawn, where it will be visible when we sit outside to dine.

back garden 2

cactus gardenPart of our cactus garden

back garden 3The back lawn is still green

There's something to say about just leaving a group of tropical plants to grow where and how they please. I haven't put a hand to this part of my little tropical corner for a couple of years and yet the plants have thrived and grown lush with just regular watering.

front tropicals
And one happy aspect of leaving plants to their own tendencies, is the pleasant surprise one has to find an untended corner has bloomed into a mass of lush greenery.

front garden and buddha pot
Of course one has to plant them there in the first place, but in this climate one never has to worry about filling up garden spaces. Things just grow together on their own creating eye pleasing masses.

Buddha pot
This pot was a happy find in a garden shop. I can't bear to put a plant it though as it would look silly sticking out of Buddha's head, so it's a purely decorative part of my garden. Besides the blackbirds like to sit there.

front garden
The front garden is full of a mixture of roses and tropical plants. I've also planted another Dama de Noche there near the house so the scent will waft through the window around nine o'clock in the evening.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse of my Tenerife garden.
Thank you for your visit. Have a good rest of the week and ¡hasta la vista!



Ann Flowers said...

What a beautiful garden! I would have loved to walk there, and see all the gorgeous flowers! Thanks for sharing

Ashleigh said...

Love it! What a tropical paradise! I always wondered though, how you manage the cactus. Do they need to be cut back or do you just let them do their own thing? I can't imagine trimming them...

Luisa said...

De vez en cuando paseo por tus blogs y disfruto de tus flores y espacios que muestras con tus fotografias tan maravillosas. Saludos

Rose Gold said...

Awesome garden! I like your cactus garden. I heard that cactus are commonly used for fencing material where there is a lack of either natural resources or financial means to construct a permanent fence. Some uses cactus fences for security purposes. That's why cactus is very useful when its in the fence part of our house.

Crystal Fish said...

I congratulate you for the wonderful garden you got. Its just shows how you manage your garden and your enthusiasm to make it beautiful. Its shows in your character and your lovely heart.

Papas y cultivos tradicionales de Canarias said...

Hola, ayer llegué de casualidad, buscando información y me quedé prendado por las fotografías, con ese control de la luminosidad y ese toque mágico para embellecer la imagen, son como cuadros, me ha encantado, y el jardín de este apartado maravilloso. Felicidades por el blog. Saludos

Canarybird said...

Thank you Ann....I do enjoy the gardens here.

Ashleigh...we do have to cut back the cactus as they grow too tall or too wide. Our gardener uses a machete to hack off the arms, or in some cases an electric saw.

Gracias Luisa...y El Roble debe ser tambien un espacio encantado.

Rose Gold....yes the cactus makes a good deterrent to anyone wishing to climb over a wall!

Thank you Crystal Fish. We are lucky to have the space and the climate for such a garden.

Papas y Cultivos...Muchas gracias por su comentario. Tengo mucho interes en las papas antiguas de Canarias y su historia. Tambien me encanta comerlas con mojo.

Canarybird (Sharon)

Travel said...

Amazing pics, thx for the sharing a treat for the eyes.

sandra minnig said...

Looking for gardens to visit in Tenerife on Yahoo, I found this blog, which I love. I'm coming on the 29th of September to Adeje and I was wondering if you could help me find some gardens to visit? Might be a lot to ask for somebody you don't know. But I thougt you live there and probably you are a better 'database' than Yahoo...

Anonymous said...

Sencillamente me encanto, Gracias por esas fotos.


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