Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The TV Show

It was well done.  I loved Javier's camera work and the background music.
Here are a few clips from my part in Canarias Mi Mundo on TV Canarias February 16, 2011.

Beginning in La Paz, in Puerto de la Cruz, overlooking Playa Martianez

In my Pilates class

Going for coffee afterwards with classmates

Arriving at my garden

Showing off one of the brugmansias

And my classical guitar

 My photo that got on a cookbook cover in Canada

Leaving my garden

Arriving in La Orotava at Casa de Los Balcones

Showing off the hand organ 

Looking at the antiques floor

Admiring the local handcrafted pulled thread lacework

Saying goodbye

Thank you for your visit!  Do come back again another day.  

¡Hasta la Vista!


tori said...

Hey, thank you for your blogs and great posts. I was recently looking for blogs of an "insider" view of the Canaries. I am moving there in the not-too-distant future...up in the Santa Cruz area, and so doing a bit of research, etc.

Canarybird said...

Tori you will love the islands and especially Tenerife! Santa Cruz is an interesting city with lots to see.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

El video completo lo podeis ver aqui. Saludos!


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