Saturday, February 26, 2011

Street Scenes and The Weather Report

 Lookout in La Paz, Tenerife

I've been doing a daily weather column in a local forum since last year and along with the current weather conditions in my area of North Tenerife I include photos taken the same morning and the previous afternoon.

The Teide in February

This is my own choice to include photos but it does give an impression of the general climate and atmosphere of this part of the island.  It also requires me to get out and walk around each day, including days when I'm not in the mood for an outing, even if it's just in my own garden. So the weather report does have a beneficial effect on me as well.

 The Lido at Downtown Puerto de la Cruz & Martianez Beach

  But living in this wonderful climate, it doesn't take much prompting to get me outdoors walking around with the camera, or jumping in the car, driving somewhere and stopping to take photos.  I really do enjoy it.  So I should include some of those picture here, even though they are for the most part just casual snapshots, albeit taken with some thought.

So here are a few of my daily photos taken with my small pocket point and shoot Panasonic Lumix.  I'll continue in future to include some of these daily street and garden scenes to show this lovely part of Tenerife island.

This young lady didn't know I was photographing her as she was taking a photo of the sleeping cat:

Thanks for dropping by.  Do come again.  ¡Hasta la Vista!


siga said...

I love the photos of the "weather" especially of the Teide mountain! Greetings from neighbour island :)

Tumbit said...

The weather looks really cris - bright and clear, which is totally at odds to the east coast of the mainland at the moment !

Canarybird said...

Greetings Siga and Tumbit and thank you for your visit. We've had a lovely warm winter this year, along with a couple of heavy rain storms that have filled the reservoirs but rain is always welcome here where we have garden and lawn. Sharon.

Falcon said...

HI. I'm back and wanted to drop in. Beautiful photos as always. Lorna


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