Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chilly in Canarias

Snow on the hills of Las Cañadas de Teide National Park

We've been having a cold snap lately as a low pressure area with very low temperatures has come to the Canary Islands and southern Spain.  Luckily it is now moving away but temperatures are still unusually cold for this time of the year.

Recently there was new snow on the Teide volcano with the snow level being the lowest ever, enabling local people to see and play in the snow, many for the first time in their lives.

The Teide volcano, the highest peak of all Spain at 3,718 meters

As a weather and cloud watcher I'm taking daily photos for a local forum.  
Here are some recent photos I've taken of our area.

The blackbird brings his lady friend to breakfast at my bird feeder.

And the dove also brings a friend along for some food

March rain on my back patio

A thunder storm approaches

Minnie listens to thunder

A double rainbow in a dark sky

Sun and large clouds during unsettled weather

Some brilliant sunsets after the rain

And with the sun again a blackbird sings in our garden:

Thanks for your visit..and do come again another day. ¡Hasta la vista!


Marysol said...

So, Sharon, how do you get all those adorable, feathery friends to pose for you?

Must be your beautiful and prolific garden that lures them in, and keeps them there forever. Smart birds.

Ashleigh said...

Hey Sharon,

I know it's cold, but it sure is pretty...That rainbow one is incredible!

siga said...

I think I am addicted to sky, and your pictures feeding my addiction in a very beautiful way! Thank you!


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