Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Local Scenery

Viewpoint in La Paz, Puerto de la Cruz

Continuing to upload here some of the local scenery from this February.

The Lido downtown at Martianez Beach

Outside my window - female blackbird

Our front garden

El Duranzo and Las Arenas

Our back garden and Tigger

A good time was had by all last Sunday at Alvaro's tennis club jazz barbecue event.
I sat with friends and classmates from our Pilates group.
We had a lovely meal and the music was great.
Here's one of my photos along with a video clip of the jazz group made by John Debnam:
Abundant smoke can be seen in the clip from the BBQs cooking down at ground level!
There were papas arrugadas, those wrinkled Canary Island potatoes with mojo sauces, salads, sausages, chicken and pork steaks, flan dessert, wine and beer.

I'll post more of my photos from this day in the next entry.

Thanks for dropping by, and ¡hasta la vista!


Marysol said...

Sharon, there must be something wrong with the lens on my camera, because I can't seem to capture the same sunny blue skies and breathtaking flora as yours does.

Yet one more reason to ditch the camera and pack my bags and move there.

Happy weekend friend!

Canarybird said...

Thanks and flora are always great here. We're totally spoiled!


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